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    Triathlon 101

    Half-Ironman 70.3 World Champion Runner-Up, USA Olympian, Island House Triathlon Winner, and 3x Escape from Alcatraz Champion Ben Kanute teaches triathletes about mental toughness in triathlon.

    Triathlon Swimming

    Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay will teach you how Lucy and Reece became two of the fastest swimmers in triathlon and how Lucy broke the Ironman Kona swim course record!

    Become a Beast on the Bike

    Pro Triathlete and Coach, Josiah Middaugh, offers triathletes and cyclists a guide for big performance gains. If you are looking to give your cycling training a complete overhaul this is the course for you. Josiah walks you through what it takes to achieve that next PR no matter the distance.

    Bike Fit With Ryan Ignatz

    Looking for massive gains on the bike? It all starts with a bike fit. This course is for athletes looking to better understand how they interact with the bike and the benefits of a great bike fit. It’s for the athletes that want to further their understanding of the fit process and the technology that’s utilized. We offer detailed information on how athletes can make more sound equipment purchases to optimize their position, efficiency, aerodynamic savings and power output. Ultimately, we want to increase your comfort and efficiency with your fit and reduce your chance of injury to get you going faster with less effort. This course is also ideal for coaches that want to better understand the in-depth value of a bike fit, how to interpret rider feedback and apply it to their athletes.

    Triathlon Cycling

    Reigning Ironman World Championship bike course record holder, Cameron Wurf, brings us everything a triathlete needs to know to be the best possible triathlon cyclist they can be. From equipment to technique, tips & hacks, Cam brings it all.

    Triathlon Running

    Two-time Olympian and 4th place finisher at the 2018 Ironman World Championship, Sarah True, along with her husband, professional runner, Ben True, teach everything you need to know about triathlon running.

    Why Use Pro Triathlon Training? 

    Accessible From Anywhere

    • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone! Pro Triathlon Training is available wherever you are!

    Learn At Your Own Pace

    • With in-depth educational content, Pro Triathlon Training makes it easy to learn at your own pace and call back to previous lessons.

    Comprehensive Triathlon Education

    • Deep dive and get all the answers you need. No more click bait bullet points to please the YouTube algorithm.

    Perfect For All Levels

    • From the first timer to the seasoned veteran going after a Kona slot, Pro Triathlon Training gives you the education you need to reach your goals. 


    FREE Resources

      5 Key Pre-Run Mobility + Activation Exercises

      5 key pre-run mobility and activation exercises to do before you head out for your next run! With Caitlin Alexander, PT, DPT, CAFS, USAT Level I Triathlon Coach and VDOT Certified Running Coach.

      6 Step Guide to Improve Triathlon Performance

      Improve your training and racing performance with the help of this guide. It provides you with details you can easily implement into your training program immediately.

      4 Key Workouts Designed By Lucy Charles

      Looking to shake up your swim training. Lucy Charles, one of top swimmers shares her 4 go to workouts to increase swim fitness and performance.

      Sarah True's 3 Favorite Run Workouts

      Take your run training to the next level. Sarah True has shared 3 workouts that are key to building fitness and speed on the run not matter the distance you race.

      A Brand On A Mission!

      We Take Education Seriously!

      • We don’t ask just anyone to teach a course. We vet our instructors to ensure they have value to bring to our customers and are motivated to do so. Therefore, you will learn from qualified professional athletes, coaches and sport scientists who have a vested interest in the content they create. 

      Profit Sharing

      • We share a significant percentage of profits with our professional athletes, coaches, or charities. This gives our instructors a direct vested interest in the content they create. 

      Crowd Funded By Our Users

      • We create content our users want and request, rather than what will fit into a brand’s marketing strategy. We provide genuine educational material that is designed to help YOU excel, not simply drive advertising campaigns.

      How Can Pro Triathlon Training Help You?

      Triathlon is a very complex sport. 


      Not only is triathlon a sport in and of itself, but it is a sport consisting of three sports which must be completed in immediate succession. Triathlon is a true “multi-sport”. This fact is what makes triathlon one of the most aspirational, bucket list, addictive endeavors on Earth. 

      Triathlon takes years to master. The minute you think you have one sport dialed opportunity for improvement pops up somewhere else. Add to that mastering nutrition, strength and flexibility, efficiency, dialing in three sports worth of equipment, and the list goes on. Suffice it to say, for the triathlete there is always something new to master.

      Pro Triathlon Training aims to streamline your development as a triathlete. No matter if you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran shooting for a Kona slot, Pro Triathlon Training is your conduit into the expertise of the best and most experienced pros, coaches, and sport scientists within Triathlon. 

      • Pro Triathlon Training is the closest you can get to one on one personal coaching from the best in the world. 

      • Shave years off your development as a triathlete. 

      • Achieve your goals faster. Whether its losing weight, finishing and Ironman, or qualifying for a World Championship.

      • Get to know the best in the world and understand the challenges they face. You might find they are very similar to your own. 

      • Help support your favorite athletes through purchasing their courses. The PTT profit sharing model gives a large portion of each purchase back to the instructor. 


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