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Lucy Charles & Reece Barclay Teach Triathlon Swimming

In this course, Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay will teach you how Lucy and Reece became two of the fastest swimmers in triathlon.

Triathlon Running with Sarah True and Ben True.

Two-time Olympian Sarah True and her husband, professional runner Ben True, talk about how to become a great runner in triathlon.

Cameron Wurf Teaches Triathlon Cycling.
Reigning Ironman World Championship bike course record holder, Cameron Wurf, brings us everything you need to know about triathlon cycling.
Ryan Ignatz Teaches the Fundamentals of Bike Fit

Master Fitter and Pro Triathlete, Ryan Ignatz, offers the most comprehensive bike fit course for athletes and coaches

Ben Kanute Teaches the Mindset of a Champion

Reigning Ironman World Ironman 70.3 Runner-Up, USA Olympian, and 3x Escape from Alcatraz Champion Ben Kanute teaches mental toughness.

Josiah Middaugh Teaches You How to Become a Beast on the Bike

Pro Triathlete and Coach, Josiah Middaugh, offers triathletes and cyclists a guide for big performance gains on the bike.

Justin Metzler Teaches Fueling Basics & Training and Racing in Hot and Humid Environments

In this course Pro Triathlete Justin Metzler will teach you what it truly takes to fuel properly both in training and on race day and get you prepared for those challenging hot and humid race conditions.

Bob Seebohar Teaches Nutrition Periodization & Metabolic Efficiency

Bob Seebohar teaches Nutrition periodization for athletes to align daily and training nutrition practices to support the varying energy needs of athletes as they progress through different training cycles throughout the year

Shannon Mulcahy Teaches Improving your Race Performance with Sports Psychology

We see it far too often, athletes putting countless hours into the physical aspect of training and completely ignoring the untapped potential of mental training.

In this course, Shannon Mulcahy provides you with the tools and strategies necessary to step up your mental game and give you an edge over your competition.

Tim Crowley Teaches High Performance Sleep Strategies for Triathletes

Sleep may be the key to unlocking your best performance. Most endurance athletes understand that sleep is important, but in the balance of life, work and training, sleep is often the first thing to go. In this course Tim Crowley answers these crucial questions. Why do we need sleep? How is sleep structured? How much sleep is needed? What happens to performance if sleep is sacrificed? How can one improve sleep? 

Bob Seebohar Teaches Nutrient Timing and Supplements for Endurance Athletes 

Course Coming Soon!

Dr. Matt Hanson Teaches Training Program Fundamentals for Long Course Triathlon

Course Coming Soon!

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