Ben Kanute: How He Overcomes Boredom In Training & Racing

Professional Triathlete, Ben Kanute Talks About How He Overcomes Boredom In Training & Racing

Triathlon can be exciting when we first get into the sport, but just like all great things, that honeymoon phase will fade and we’re left to face our own boredom in training. Ben Kanute offers some great tips and insight into how he overcomes those mental hurdles in his triathlon training and we hope you take away a few great ideas to start implementing immediately.

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Jimmy Archer

Jimmy is a former professional triathlete, coach and current content editor at Pro Triathlon Training. Jimmy is still very active in endurance sport and can be found running, cycling, swimming, and skiing in the mountains, trails, and lakes of Bellingham, WA and the beautiful Pacific Northwest Cascadia region. Jimmy is also a Realtor for NextHome Northwest Living in Bellingham.

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