Professional triathlete, Sarah True and Professional Runner Ben True take a deep dive into the long run. Long runs have been a weekly staple in most runner and triathlete training plans. This holds as true for those doing 5Ks as it does for Ironman athletes.

Sarah True Run

A long run is an extended effort designed to increase your endurance. These runs produce more mitochondria and capillaries in your muscle cells, increase your aerobic capacity, improve your cardiovascular system’s efficiency, increase your muscles’ and liver’s ability to store glycogen, strengthen your musculoskeletal system, give you a greater ability to work through muscular fatigue and increase your body’s ability to use fat as fuel.

Although, a long run sounds pretty straight forward and simple many triathletes and runners tend to overcomplicate or try to take on to many miles for the distance they are trying to tackle.

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About Sarah True:

Sarah True is a Professional Triathlete. She began her ITU racing career in 2005, competing in various World Cup and Pan American Cup races.

Sarah made history when she won third place at the 2011 World Cup Series in Kitzbühel, achieving the first-ever podium finish for a U.S. woman. She also finished in second place in the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Series.

She represented the United States at the 2016 Summer Olympics as well as securing a silver medal at the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Edmonton.

She has now shifted her focus to 70.3 Triathlons as well as full Ironman Triathlons.

About Pro Triathlon Training:

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