As a triathlete, training will only get you so far. As you progress and get more competitive your goals may  change. You may want to win your age group, get top 10 overall or even win the triathlon. Understanding race tactics and strategy will help you get a leg up over the competition no matter the triathlon distance. In this video Professional Triathlete and Cyclist, Cam Wurf, gets into the details of how he uses the course to his advantage when he races and how you can do the same to get an edge over your competition.

About Cam Wurf:

Is an Australian professional triathlete and road cyclist, who currently rides for UCI World Team Ineos Grenadiers. He is the Reigning Ironman World Championship bike course record holder. He also was a national champion and Australian representative rower – a 2004 Olympian who won a World Rowing U23 Championships title in 2003.

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Take your triathlon cycling to a whole new level. Reigning Ironman World Championship bike course record holder, Cameron Wurf, brings us everything you need to know about triathlon cycling. Access 18 videos and six audio files all from the Ironman World Championship course record holder, Cameron Wurf.

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